Exactly What is RepFluence Marketing?

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The buzz about local marketing is centering around my book RepFluence Marketing, which, as of the writing of this article is the book that changes how small and medium businesses use digital marketing in areas like:
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Marketing
RepFluence Marketing is the strategic marketing process that enables a small or medium business to build and market it’s brand online by powerfully placing every aspect of your business reputation in front of consumers in digital marketing mediums, and doing so to influence buying actions of consumers in an ethical yet powerful, revenue generating means.

So Then What is RepFluence Marketing?

The facts of today’s consumer on the web show what they predominantly look for when they go online to shop or to determine where to go for services is a business’s reputation.
People look for your reputation in several ways:
  • Video
  • Directory Listings
  • Search Results
  • Social Media
  • Digital Advertising including PPC and Display advertising
They do this as much or more on mobile devices than their desktops or laptop computers. Nonetheless, they do this on virtually every digital device they can.
RepFluence Marketing takes reputation marketing to a whole new level. RepFluence Marketing makes it possible for a business owner to build, manage, and market their reputation online in all the forms consumers have made clear they want. By doing so, the business owner influences buying decisions by delivering in their marketing, exactly what today’s consumers seek when they go online – their reputation.
RepFluence Marketing does not eliminate the need for the other essentials of marketing online and offline. You still need to have:
  • Know and understand your markets wants and needs
  • Quality Services that meet those wants and needs
  • Coherent marketing messaging showing why your business is the best choice
  • What makes you unique compared to your competition
  • Having the ability to target these consumers so they get your marketing message
RepFluence Marketing doesn’t attempt to change what a consumer wants or when they are ready to buy.
However, it does influence their buying action by keeping your business in front of the consumer in your market continuously using your business reputation, your products, and offers, and your brand so when they decide to buy, they are far more likely to remember and chose your business.
This is something the truly big Fortune 500 companies do, although they have not formalized the process as such. They also spend huge sums of money doing so. Because of this, the RepFluence Marketing process has been out of reach financially for most small and even medium business owners.
RepFluence Marketing takes this process and makes it completely affordable for any small or medium business that wants to dominate their market, and wants to see a huge ROI from their marketing efforts.
That’s what RepFluence Marketing is.

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