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RepFluence Marketing provides the world’s leading digital marketing strategy in reputation marketing for small and medium business owners & CEOs to gain up to 73% more attention from web viewers and buyers. This includes the systems and processes the world’s leading companies use to make their brand the most sought after in their market.


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What's Revealed in RepFluence Marketing...

  • Learn a simple process to easily gain up to 73% more buying action from web viewers
  • Discover how get 50% or more of your customers, clients and donors to market your business for you across the web
  • See how put in a system that stops bad reviews and builds a legitimate and constant growing online 5-star reputation
  • Learn how to follow up with 100% of your web viewers, even ones you didn’t know you had.
  • Discover the 4 major areas of online marketing any local brick and mortar business must address to go from an un-noticed website to the online master of your market
  • The one thing you can change right now to influence buying decisions of online consumers so they feel like they must buy from you, even if they never heard of previously
  • A simple process to effectively and legitimately bury bad online reviews without paying a single dime, or trying to cheat the system
  • A simple 8-step process to get your customers volunteering to market online for your business
  • A powerful and totally ethical technique that influences web searchers to want to buy only from you
  • A simple method to make Google and Bing eager to put you at the top of their listings without expensive and time consuming SEO
  • Discover an online process that keeps customers returning to you to buy more.
  • And much, much more…

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Wayne Sharer, Author

About the Author

Wayne Sharer is a lifelong strategic thinker and leader in digital marketing. One of the rare few who have spent over 20 years flying from aircraft carriers know the true value of strategy in success of everything.

After retiring from the U.S. Navy with over 200 combat missions, he set out to help small business owners and CEOs to dominate in the market with digital methods, and speak and write for impact. Ultimately, he focused his strategies in reputation marketing to get the biggest ROI for owners fast. He’s helped business owners, direct marketers, and non-profits prosper. All this despite debilitating anxiety. He’s proof of what’s possible.

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What Readers are Saying About RepFluence Marketing

RepFluence Marketing is a wonderful marketing book. It really makes digital marketing using reputation marketing strategy a reality for my business without all the confusion I’ve got in the past. A must read.

Ella Zhang

This is truly the best and simplest strategic marketing plan I’ve ever seen. It makes owning the web and getting clients easy for me, and now I tell my clients to get this, too. You must have RepFluence Marketing to own your markets digital space in your market area. No question. And the stories in the book are great! Wayne is amazing.

Daniel Gonzalez

The language is progressive about marketing in an innovative way (a new way of looking an old approach). Basically, the author is taking an old way or traditional way of marketing, and creating a new way of looking at how we collect trends and data on the internet.

Charles Ray, III

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